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Financial Planning

When you find yourself asking questions like, “Do I need a financial planner?” and “What does a personal financial planner do?” you have discovered that you have a potential need. Our Financial Planners can help you answer these questions and many others you have about financial planning. You worked hard to earn your wealth, and we want to help you protect it and your family. Our goal as financial planners is to intimately get to know each of our clients to understand how we can help. We create holistic financial plans customized to meet your individual needs. We map out your road to financial success which will give you peace of mind regarding your future.

Financial Planning

Financial planning is not one simple thing. It is a broad term used to encompass many aspects of creating financial health and well-being. Some of the main financial planning objectives include a retirement strategy, a risk management plan, a long-term investment plan, a tax reduction strategy, and an estate plan. Financial planning is essentially a step-by-step process in which a financial planner creates an individualized financial plan to help clients achieve their financial goals. A solid financial plan includes key components like budgeting, taxes, liquidity, large purchases, risk, return, retirement, communication, and record-keeping. It is important for the client to follow the advice of their financial planner to maximize the effectiveness of their financial planning strategies.

Financial Planner

A financial planner is a professional qualified to help individuals and businesses meet their financial goals and objectives. Financial planners work with their clients to strategize
opportunities for improvement in overall financial health. A financial planner will analyze goals, risk tolerance, and stages of life to identify a proper individualized financial plan. Financial planners have suitable education, training, and experience in their field for their clients to have faith in their ability to help them succeed financially. Some financial planning professionals hold designations or certifications to show their level of qualification in specific areas. Many financial planners are fee-only financial planners, meaning they generally structure their earnings specifically around either an hourly rate, a fixed retainer, or a percentage of the assets they manage.

Fee-based Financial Planner

A fee-based financial planner is a financial professional paid directly by their clients, not from fees or commission. Depending on the firm, fee-based financial planners charge for their services based on a flat fee, hourly rate, fee schedule based on services, or retainer. If you’d rather manage your own assets but want some comfort in knowing you’re on the right path, a fee-only financial planner can help give you that peace of mind.

Why Hire a Fee-based Financial Planner

If you don’t have a lot of assets or manage your own money, a fee-only financial planner can help set you on the right path regarding the following:

  • Wealth Accumulation – Models and strategies design and supervision.
  • Retirement Planning – Distributing assets in a tax-advantaged manner.
  • Estate Planning – Preserving your wealth.
  • Risk Management – Protecting what matters most.
  • Business Planning – Qualified and non qualified investing, employee benefits, partner protection, and more.
  • Taxation – Minimizing taxes on investing, asset growth, and estate planning.

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